The hardest part is starting… right?

Hello! Welcome to a NEW PLACE, the soon-to-be-home of a NEW THING, which will hopefully, within the next few weeks, be bringing you a whole plethora of NEW STUFF. Bit vague, maybe?
Alright, I’ll admit, I haven’t quite got this whole project completely figured out.  Here’s the plan, vague or otherwise, as it stands.  You listening?  It’s hardly a manifesto, bit rough around the edges, but here goes:  My first passion is the spoken word, in all it’s many and varied forms.  From radio documentaries to slam poetry nights; from lectures and speeches and oratory extraordinaire, to live storytelling, myths and legends and everything in between.  If you’re saying it out loud, I’m going to want to hear about it.  Fortunately, I’ve ended up living in a city which seems to agree with me – my adopted home of Bristol is stuffed full of nights, festivals and improptu, free-form, pop-up ‘experiences’ which share my joy of the spoken word… all by people who are doing WHAT they love, FOR the love of it, and should probably be paid a hell of a lot more for it.

My second passion is recording.  Getting stuff down on tape.  Pressing the red button, and seeing that little red light flashing.  Editing, splicing, crafting and playing around with sound.  I’m lucky enough to make radio for a living, and I love it to bits.  So, it’s time to combine my two loves, and start contributing something of my own.

This little project, in whatever form it finally takes, will be my attempt to highlight some of the marvellous local spoken word talent which I’m lucky enough to come across.  I’m going to record everyone who will let me, speak to everyone who’s foolish enough not to run away, and get everything down in hard, clean, digital audio.  Then I’m going to neaten it up a little, tweak it, polish it, spit on a hanky and wipe its ruddy little cheeks, wrap it up in a neat little package, and send it out into the world to fend for itself.

It might be crap. You probably shouldn’t listen.

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