Beginning with a bang… the Bristol Storyfest!

What better place to start a mission to record the spoken word, than at a Storytelling Festival! Bristol Storyfest to be precise.


Six glorious days of tales and tellers – old and new, traditional, cutting edge and avant-garde.  There were myths and legends and fairy-tales galore, gruesome ghost stories, word-games and improv, folk-songs and experiments and at least one poem about a hedgehog. Phew! I grabbed my trusty recording equipment and pointed my microphone at anything and everything which didn’t actively swat me away.  And I’ve had a blast.  Truly, if this is representative of some of the storytelling talent we have lolling around this city, I don’t think this podcast is going to be at all hard to put together!  Now it’s time to sit down with a big bowl of snacks, massive pair of headphones, and start listening back to it all.  That’s me in the corner, with the *Do Not Disturb* sign around the neck.

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